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New World Academy

Daycare Pre-k
Preschool Afterschool
11755 SW 90 St.
Kendall, FL 33186
Call (305) 271-4299

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Preschool Kendall Daycare Hammocks Pre-K Kindergarten Kendall Drive Turnpike

State of the Art Preschool Daycare Pre-K Kendall Hammocks off Kendall Drive at Turnpike

Not your average preschool & daycare but a state of the art self contained 7500 sq ft squeaky clean secure learning environment right in the heart of Kendall Drive at the Turnpike.  Ages 3 Months to 6 plus a separate after school care section for elementary aged children. Se Habla Espanol..

We make learning fun and prepare your child to face the future with confidence.

At New World Academy, we design programs that fully engage your children in exciting activities that will not only meet their developmental needs, but will also facilitate their transition to the next stage and tasks.

We aim to promote growth in the following areas of development:

  • language
  • literacy
  • cognitive development
  • creativity
  • social skills
  • self-control
  • motor skills

We operate on the premise and principle that each child brings his own unique set of qualities and abilities that define his nature and individuality. Such traits must be recognized, respected and nurtured. Our environment is conducive to helping every child acquire knowledge and skills through interactions with the milieu, and communication with others in a setting that supports and allows him to grow and develop at a safe and personal pace.New World Academy will guide and teach your child to build and maintain positive relationships with peers, and with responsible and responsive adults resulting in the development and refinement of social and emotional skills that will underlie success in the future.
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