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Our Teachers

Our teachers meet the highest standards for qualifications, performance, and experience. We require the highest security clearance from the State of Florida and the Federal Government in order to qualify for employment with New World Academy. We provide our teachers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and passion for what they love to do while they awaken, nurture and grow the tremendous potential in each and every child. The training of our teachersNew World Academy expects and requires that all its teachers receive on-going training designed to enhance their skills and abilities on a continuous basis. In addition to sponsoring attendance to specialized workshops and State required annual trainings, New World Academy hosts relevant child care and education trainings for its staff to ensure that they are “up-to-date” on all innovations and new concepts in their fields of expertise.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers and staff of New World Academy will work to form a strong partnership with you to allow for your input and full participation in your child’s education, development and growth. You will be provided with daily reports and communication regarding your child’s day at the center. Our aim is to ensure the best possible experience for your child.

We are your reliable partners

We pledge our total and unequivocal commitment to close working relationships and open communication with all parents. We appreciate and respect the trust and confidence you have placed in us by allowing us to participate in your child’s development and education. Working together is vital in fostering the nurturing and safe environment that will get your child to the great start he/she can achieve. We are firms believers in frequent and open communication that will keep updated on the progress of your child. You will know every activity in which your child has engaged and will be clear as the structure and organization of his/her classroom. Our staff is trained and prepared to help your child adapt to being in a new environment and to ease your initial concerns. We have, accordingly, skillfully set-up the beginning first weeks to ease the adaption process. We are confident that by being team members and by doing great team-work, we will go a long way in making your child’s experience most rewarding and successful paving the way for a very bright future.