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New World Academy

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11755 SW 90 St.
Kendall, FL 33186
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Preschool Programs Ages 3-4

We provide a safe and nurturing environment that emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills, while fostering confidence…


With age and experience, children do gain in maturity, self-esteem and self-confidence. Having acquired certain skills and abilities, they will naturally show a greater willingness and readiness to take on the world. At New World Academy, our preschool program is developed to foster the confidence that will help your children become problem solvers and lifelong learners.Through structured activities and independent exploration, they will be exposed to hands-on learning in the areas of literacy, math, science, social events. Combined with a healthy dose of stimulating physical activities designed to teach social and physical skills, and to reinforce appositive self-image, our overall program will keep them engaged and stimulated.All the skills taught in Preschool Daycare are enhanced and sharpened. The program taps into your children natural curiosity and willingness to explore to facilitate a successful transition to kindergarten.

    Parents are given daily updates of their children’s day, in addition to monthly written reports.