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Toddlers Ages 1-2 Years Old

We encourage learning experiences that focus on active exploration and promote independence, social skills, and confidence…

The expanding world of toddlers:

The lessons and experiences of the first years in your child’s life play a critical role in his/her success in school, relationships and life. Not many things are quite as exciting and rewarding than to watch your child gradually and assertively demonstrate his/her independence. New World Academy places particular emphasis on providing your child with learning experiences that focus on active exploration and hands-on experiences that promote his/her growing independence, enhance his/her social skills, and build and maintain the confidence necessary to achieve his/her full potential and prepare for the greater challenges ahead.

Our program is designed to develop and nurture age-specific and appropriate skills by:

  • Providing an organized environment that offers planned activities that enhance fine and gross-motor skills, receptive and expressive language, independent choices, sensory exploration, positive interactions and relationships with peers and teachers.

  • Creating an environment equipped with all the necessary elements such as climbers, blocks, tools art materials, puzzles, modeling clay for overall learning and development.

  • Identifying and targeting the growing and changing needs of child as he/she advances in age.

  • Parents are kept fully informed of the learning activities and progress of their children.

The expanding world of toddlers: (1 -2years old)